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Bellows Single Full Graphite Cartridge Seal

The BSFG™ (Bellows Single Full Graphite) cartridge seal is specifically designed to eliminate the costly and often long lead-time issues of exotic elastomer compounds. This seal features graphite rings at every primary sealing surface, eliminating the need for elastomers.

The hydraulically balanced bellows unit is available in a variety of different material options with either elastomer or graphite packing sealing rings.

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  • Full graphite seal for high temperature or corrosive chemical applications
  • Fits pumps with thin radial seal chamber cross-sections
  • Quench, flush and drain ports for cooling or heating options to maximize seal life
  • cartridge design for ease of installation
  • Sizes available from 1.000" to 4.000" (24mm - 100mm) in standard and ANSI Plus gland formats


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