Magtecta Magnetically Energized Bearing Protector, C&B Equipment, INC.

Magnetically energized bearing protector

Double Faces – Double the Protection

The MagTecta™ range includes two sets of seal faces. These products, in the opinion of AESSEAL®, are the world’s first modular dual face bearing protectors, offering double the protection of a conventional single seal face design.

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Compact Design

The MagTecta™ range has no setting clips or axially floating components, which can move or be damaged during installation. The robust, compact construction therefore simplifies installation and is operator friendly. Furthermore, the short inboard and outboard length means that the MagTecta™ range can be installed in just about all spaces suitable for labyrinth devices or lip/oil seals.

Sacrificial Shroud

The MagTecta™ range incorporates a phosphor bronze shroud, around which the magnets are spaced equally, to ensure uniform seal face loading. Furthermore, the shroud acts as a sacrificial component preventing the possibility of equipment seizure and/or metallic component spark generation, which is possible with excessive radial shaft movement.

Multiple Seal Face Material Selection

The MagTecta™ seal faces are not limited to materials which need to be magnetic. The MagTecta™ and MagTecta-OM™ seal face materials are Antimony Carbon versus solid Tungsten Carbide (up to 149mm/5.937”) and a special dry-running Carbon versus solid Tungsten Carbide for larger shaft sizes.

Axial Position of the Rotary Elastomer

Certain pieces of equipment have stepped shafts adjacent to the axial face of the bearing chamber. The axial position of the rotary elastomer helps to ensure that the MagTecta™ range will fit both plain and stepped shafts without resorting to unique designs.


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