Bearing Protection – Steam Turbine Applications

Process steam turbines present a unique challenge for bearing protection. As the carbon rings containing the steam wear, high temperature / high velocity steam travels down the shaft directly at the bearing seal.

Standard OEM labyrinth seals have proven to be ineffective preventing steam ingress. AESSEAL® has developed LabTecta™ designs specifically designed for steam turbine applications.

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  • High temperature static shaft seal
  • Steam deflector / Flinger
  • Aflas® ‘O’ rings as standard
  • Internal shut-off valve
  • Extra clearances for thermal expansion

For smaller steam turbines, the LabTecta-ST™ design provides excellent protection in a compact package. For larger steam turbines, the LabTecta-STAX™ provides easy installation with the capability to accommodate large axial shaft movement.

Standard designs are available for common steam turbines models like the Elliott® YR series. Specific designs can be manufactured at no additional charge.


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