LabTecta66 AX Bearing Protection – Axial Movement, C&B Equipment, INC.

Bearing Protection – Axial Movement

The LabTecta-AX™ design uses a unique sliding rotor that allows the seal to absorb axial movement internally. With this rotor design no axial sliding movement on the shaft exists that can cause shaft damage, drive-ring damage or allow contamination to pass under the drive ‘O’ ring.  The LabTecta-AX™ provides superior reliability by utilizing double drive rings to provide a secure grip on the shaft, reducing the chance of shaft slip and a dual-rotor design with a secure drivelock to ensure both rotors continuously follow the shaft.

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  • Extended bearing and equipment life
  • Better protection against contamination ingress
  • More reliable sealing with no sliding or slipping on the shaft
  • Superior protection against contamination ingress as the rotor to stator seal integrity is not affected by the axial movement
  • Unique dual rotor design with drivelock for superior reliability