Shaft-Mount-Gear-Reducer-Bushing-Kit-150x150 Shaft Mount Gear Reducer Bushing Kits
WorldWide Electric twin tapered bushing kits are perfectly sized for WorldWide Electric shaft mount reducers (as well as other manufacturers) and assure fast and simple installation, as well as reliable tapered support on both sides of the reducer. All Worldwide Electric tapered bushing kits come complete with fastening bolts and a full-length shaft key.
Shaft-Mount-Gear-Reducer-Torque-Arm-150x150 Shaft Mount Gear Reducer Torque Arms
Included with every Worldwide Electric shaft mount reducer! These are made of heavy gauge steel with machine precision ground-interlocking parts for easy and accurate tensioning or tightening.
Shaft-Mount-Gear-Reducer-Backstop-Assembly-150x150 Shaft Mount Gear Reducer Backstop Assemblies
Universal backstop assemblies for WorldWide Electric shaft mount reducers that mount easily and ensure smooth, forward operation of
a conveyor with no back-slip.
Shaft-Mount-Gear-Reducer-Motor-Mount-150x150 Shaft Mount Gear Reducer Motor Mounts
Heavy gauge all steel construction holds NEMA frame motors in place and has an adjustable top plate for drive belt tensioning.
Shaft-Mount-Gear-Reducer-Belt-Guard-150x150 Shaft Mount Gear Reducer Belt Guards
This slotted metal panel construction assembles to reducer and motor mount holes with a hinge design for easier access to belts and sheaves. One size fits most common sheave diameters.
Shaft-Mount-Gear-Reducer-Rebuild-Kit-150x150 Shaft Mount Gear Reducer Rebuild Kits
Kit Includes (sold as kit only): High-speed input shaft, first gear reduction, input bearings, input seal and Output seals./td>