ANSI Pump Parts in 1-2 DAYS Ground or Faster Almost Everywhere!

We asked buyers, engineers, maintenance supervisors and others the following questions and got the following answers:

1. Q. How long does it take your business just to get delivery information on ANSI pump parts and/or pumps?
A. One to two days.

2. Q. What’s your average delivery time for ANSI pump parts?
A. One to three weeks or longer.

3. Q. Are you under pressure to reduce your spare parts inventory and have less unscheduled downtime?
A. Yes. (Actually, the answer we usually got was H*** yes!)

4. Q. What kind of take-to-the-bank delivery would you have to have to feel comfortable taking a product group off your shelf and rely on a supplier?
A. One to two days.

Wow! It takes that long for most suppliers just to inform you of what their delivery time might be! That’s why we’re here. We’ll get ANSI pump parts in yours hands in 1-2 days ground or faster, evenings, weekends, holidays or whenever. Two more things. We want the parts to get to you in 1-3 days ground or faster correct and undamaged. Read about our 1st class packaging.

We got with UPS early in the development and set up of a stocking warehouse design. Our strategically located warehouse insures fast delivery of ANSI pump parts to your location.