Yanmar Water Cooled Engines: Performance, Uses, and More

C&B Equipment distributes YANMAR water-cooled engines that offer the most reliable industrial use engines for stationary and mobile applications. Through our ongoing relationship with YANMAR throughout the Midwest, C&B Equipment provides YANMAR TNV and TNM (MINIMAX) water-cooled engines and replacement parts.

Are you having trouble locating the right engine or parts for your application? The engine experts at C&B Equipment can help you uncover the perfect YANMAR water-cooled engine for your business.


Are you unfamiliar with the YANMAR brand? YANMAR has been in business since 1933, producing diesel engines for a number of applications, including construction equipment, generator sets, and pressure washers, as well as turf, military, and agricultural equipment.

According to YANMAR, the company has “manufactured over 15 million diesel engines ranging from 4.5 to 5,000 horsepower.”


Yanmar Water Cooled Engines: Performance, Uses, and More, C&B Equipment, INC.

YANMAR offers the Total New Value (TNV) water-cooled engine in 2-cylinder, 3-cylinder, and 4-cylinder water-cooled versions with a 4-cycle inline configuration. YANMAR’s Final Tier 4 line TNV engines have outputs ranging from 14.3/1800 horsepower per RPM to 69.3/ 2500 horsepower per RPM.


The YANMAR Final Tier 4 TNV water-cooled engine offers an exceptional list of features, including outstanding reliability. With over 80 years of experience manufacturing engines, YANMAR’s reputation for durability exceeds most industrial engine manufacturers on the market. The TNV water-cooled engine features an ECU-controlled common-rail direct-injection system, which reduces emissions and improves performance for a wide variety of applications.

Emissions and fuel efficiency

The YANMAR TNV engine platform features, “superior exhaust emissions by improving the combustion chamber and increasing the displacement and compression ratio.” Furthermore, Final Tier 4 YANMAR water-cooled engines meet NTE and NRTC test requirements. By reducing emissions, YANMAR has improved engine performance and fuel economy for a wide range of applications.

Noise level

YANMAR has employed exceptional engineering to reduce the noise generated by the TNV water-cooled engine’s cylinder block. By reducing gear noise through an “improved gear tooth profile,” YANMAR has been able to further dampen the noise produced by the TNV engine.


Are you looking for industry-leading power in an economically sized package? Look no further than the YANMAR TNM (MINIMAX) Engine. According to YANMAR, the TNM engine offers, “the first ladder frame cylinder block in its class.” The expertly crafted compact engine is suited for a wide variety of applications with outputs ranging from 11.8/1800 horsepower per RPM to 22.8/3600 horsepower per RPM.


The 3-cylinder, 4-cycle YANMAR TNM water-cooled engine features the same industry-respected durability and reliability offered by the TNV water-cooled engine line in a smaller package. The TNM engine is built upon the same design principles as the TNV engine, offering exceptional fuel efficiency by increasing the engine’s displacement and compression ratio. YANMAR has further improved the TNM engine with enhanced block cooling, stiffer crank and pistons, and a finer tolerance in the journal.

Emissions and fuel efficiency

By spending research and development time refining the combustion process for the TNM water-cooled engine, YANMAR has developed an engine with optimal fuel delivery and flow control. Furthermore, the engine features, “reduced emissions, improved performance over a wide range of applications, and increased fuel economy, assuring that YANMAR’s reputation for superior starting characteristics.”

Noise level

With the added features and improvements to fuel efficiency, YANMAR has engineered the TNM water-cooled engine to be one of the quietest available in its class. The TNM engine employs similar gear tooth profiles and cylinder block improvements as the TNV engine to help reduce the engine’s sound to a minimum.

Do You Think a YANMAR Water Cooled Engine Is Right for You?

The experts at C&B Equipment can help you determine the perfect engine for your specific application. YANMAR engines offer an incredible level of durability and reliability, upholding our Uptime Solutioneering standards. Call us today at 800-362-3222 (Wichita, KS) or 800-475-0101 (Lenexa, KS) to get your YANMAR water-cooled engine quote started.

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