Yanmar Industrial Engine Parts: Maintenance and Repair Overview

C&B Equipment is a proud distributor of Yanmar industrial engines. Yanmar is globally known for producing high-quality diesel engines. Their products are regarded as high-performance engines for a wide range of applications, from agricultural to industrial.

Engines are hard-working machines that require regular maintenance to stay running at an optimal level.

Depending on your engine’s application and use, you might run into some things you will need to troubleshoot and minimal repairs that need to be made during the extended life of the engine.

When you properly maintain your engine and keep an ear open for odd sounds, noises and performance changes, you can often catch minor issues before they turn into major ones.

We’re going to provide some troubleshooting tips that will help make your Yanmar engine maintenance and repair process as easy as possible.

Yanmar Engine Maintenance Overview


When performing maintenance on Yanmar engines, you must use genuine Yanmar parts.

These parts have been specifically designed to meet Yanmar’s strict quality guidelines and help prolong the life of your engine. Yanmar genuine parts are manufactured under the ISO9001 system, which utilizes the same materials, machinery, and production methods as the original equipment parts.

C&B Equipment has numerous years of experience in maintaining and repairing Yanmar engines. We can get the right parts to ensure your engine is back up and running as quickly as possible.

To prevent any delays in Yanmar engine repairs and maintenance, you must complete your warranty registration. For additional information, please click here.

Troubleshooting and Repairing Your Yanmar Engine

Engine oil pressure indicator

Certain models of Yanmar engines are equipped with an engine oil pressure indicator.

This indicator can warn you of a critical engine problem before a catastrophic failure occurs. Typically, the engine oil pressure indicator displays when your engine oil is either too low or too high.

When the indicator displays, check your engine oil and add or remove oil as necessary.

Additionally, the engine oil pressure indicator can display if your engine oil filter is clogged and needs to be replaced.

Battery indicator

If your Yanmar engine battery indicator displays, it generally indicates that your battery has failed.

Check the battery to ensure it’s in operable condition and that the connections are tight. If you are sure the engine battery is in working condition, you could have a faulty dynamo.

Suspect an issue with the dynamo? Contact us to schedule an inspection and possible repair.

The engine starter motor operates, but the engine doesn’t start

When the starter motor operates, but the engine won’t turn over, it usually indicates that there is a problem with the engine’s fuel supply.

If you are experiencing this issue, make sure your engine has adequate fuel and that the correct diesel fuel has been used.

If your engine still won’t start, the fuel filter could be clogged.

Inspect the fuel filter, and if necessary, replace it. It’s possible that if the engine still won’t start, there’s a more advanced issue such as poor fuel injection, compressed air leakage or a faulty engine solenoid to blame.

The engine starter motor doesn’t operate or rotates slowly

Typically, if the engine starter motor isn’t cranking, there’s a problem with the electrical supply to the engine.

Ensure the battery is charged and the battery terminals are connected. If you’ve ruled out the battery, there could be an issue with a faulty starter switch or a faulty starter motor.

The engine is producing excessive white or black exhaust smoke

If your engine is producing an excessive amount of smoke, ensure you’re using the proper type of diesel fuel for the engine. If you’re sure your engine is receiving the proper type of fuel, then you can further determine the issue based on the color of the exhaust smoke.

White exhaust smoke can indicate a faulty spray pattern of fuel injection, fuel injection timing delay or that the engine is burning oil.

Black exhaust smoke can indicate the engine is overloaded, the air cleaner is clogged, a faulty spray pattern of fuel injection or an excessive intake or exhaust valve clearance.

Contact C&B Equipment for Troubleshooting Help and Repairs

If you’re having trouble diagnosing or repairing issues with your Yanmar engine, the experts at C&B Equipment can help you get back up and running.

To make the engine diagnosis process as efficient as possible, have the following available:

  • Model name
  • Serial number
  • Engine age in service hours or calendar months
  • Operating conditions when the problem occurs, including engine RPM, exhaust smoke color, diesel fuel type, engine oil type, abnormal noises, and operating environmental conditions such as high altitude or extreme temperature.
  • Engine maintenance history

Contact us to schedule an appointment by calling our Lenexa branch at 913-438-1212 or our Wichita branch at 316-262-5162.




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