Municipal Wastewater

By lifting gravity effluent directly at the point of entry, without water loading or a wet well, the DIP Systeme® overcomes the drawbacks of retained volumes of effluent:
  • Dangerous gases (H2S)
  • Smells
  • Sand and grease accumulation
  • Equipment corrosion
  • Structural erosion
  • Float switches
  • Access safety
The DIP Direct In Line Pump System® makes it possible to design durable and economical pumping stations.

Municipal submersible waste water pumps and systems require an experienced engineering team committed to developing detailed specifications to handle your most demanding applications. Zoeller engineers, through C & B Equipment, provide innovative solutions to effectively meet your submersible pump objectives. The Zoeller Pump product line is made in the USA. Even the foundries are in the USA. Zoeller offers a wide selection of submersible pumps ideally suited to municipal applications. The complete line of grinder pumps and systems will fill the needs with quality equipment.

Solids Handling Submersible Pump

Contact us on those "special applications” installations that others can’t touch such as dry pit submersible, high temperature and abrasive, resistant applications.

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