Non-Chemical Catalytic Scale Prevention

Scaling caused by hard water can lead to major problems. It can block nozzles, coat pipework, clog boilers and heat exchangers, and cause substantially increased energy use.Pipes with scaling

Scaling can give rise to the need for chemicals or expensive water softening equipment to prevent it from forming and causing pollution. If no treatment is used, then dangerous and expensive acids, or even physical removal with hammers and chisels, will be necessary.

Thankfully, scaling can be prevented, and done so without the use of hazardous chemicals or water softeners.

Fluid Dynamics Scale Prevention Products: Used Globally

Did you know that water supplies for whole towns in Scotland, Ireland, Brazil and Argentina are protected by Fluid Dynamics scale prevention products? In fact, over 200,000 Fluid Dynamics products have been installed worldwide by a variety of major household names including Kellogg’s, Ford Motor Company, Coca-Cola, Unilever and Cambridge University.

Contact C&B for Non-Chemical Hard Water Scale Prevention

Using guaranteed green technology for non-chemical catalytic scale prevention is a safe and effective way to ensure the destruction of bacteria, algae and biofilm.

If you’re in need of green technology for hard water scale prevention, C&B Equipment can supply the same great products used in breweries, chemical plants, offices, hospitals, universities, supermarkets, restaurants, homes, swimming pools and so much more. Contact us today and let us help you boost the efficiency of your equipment.

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