The DIP System Pushes Competitor Over The Edge

Unable To Engineer A Better System, Xylem Stretches The Truth To The Breaking Point And Introduces Flygt Concertor

Managing wastewater is serious business and you deserve the truth when making critical decisions regarding your wastewater pumping system. So, we were stunned to see that Xylem had chosen to leave the facts behind and make claims that are flatly untrue.

Hold your nose, here is how things stand on the ‘Truth-O-Meter!’

“Xylem launches the world’s first wastewater pumping system with integrated intelligence.”

Truth-O-Meter Rating: PANTS ON FIRE

The DIP System® was patented in 2002 and first produced and installed in 2003. As you know the DIP System® was developed with “integrated intelligence.” Xylem is just beginning to try to catch up with part of our existing and proven modern technology.

“Xylem’s Flygt Concertor offers unprecedented flexibility and reduced cost of ownership.”

Truth-O-Meter Rating: PANTS ON FIRE

This is only true as it is unprecedented for Xylem’s Flygt Concertor to finally offer these benefits. The DIP System® has been providing the flexibility and reduced cost of ownership for many years!

“Xylem’s Flygt Concertor senses the operating conditions of its environment, adapts its performance in real time and provides feedback to pumping station operators.”

Truth-O-Meter Rating: SPIN

DIP System® operators get more than “feedback”, operators can even make adjustments remotely with a DIP System®. How’s that for “new smart, interconnected wastewater pumping?”

Xylem says “Flygt Concertor significantly advances the wastewater pumping sector by simplifying the entire pumping process from selection, installation, commissioning and monitoring with the added bonus of a smaller footprint.”

Truth-O-Meter Rating: SPIN

The DIP System® has eliminated the need for a valve vault since its inception in 2003.  The DIP System® is truly the leader in the “bonus of a smaller footprint.”

Xylem says, “Clog-free pumping operation and clean wet wells saving up to 80 percent in vacuum cleaning costs.”

Truth-O-Meter Rating: SPIN

The DIP System® features self-cleaning pumps without human intervention and no wet well saving 100% in vacuum cleaning costs.  Plus, with no wet well needed with a DIP System® there is no H₂S that ends corrosion and odors caused by retained sewage in the Flygt Concertor.

“Xylem’s Flygt Concertor’s flexible performance represents a significant change in how pumping systems will be selected and managed in order to accommodate different flow rates.”

Truth-O-Meter Rating: SPIN

The DIP System® is available from 2 HP to 200 HP, offering much wider applications than the very limited Flygt Concertor which is only available in 2 to 10 HP.

“Xylem’s Flygt Concertor features a built-in sump and pipe-cleaning features – a first for a wastewater pumping system.”

Truth-O-Meter Rating: SPIN

The DIP System® leapfrogged wet wells year ago, eliminating the need for “built-in sump and pipe-cleaning features.” Xylem continues to use the wet well, as they have since 1954.  The DIP System® is even designed to retrofit within an existing wet well to end the problems that Xylem is only now trying to address.

Sadly, it appears that Xylem has gone ‘nose blind’ in the marketing department. If only The DIP System® could clean up the spin that Xylem is using to market its attempt to catch up with 13 years of DIP System® innovation and proven results.

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