Industrial Gases Reciprocating Oil Free/Oil Less

Compressors Designed For A Purpose

An integral component of any process gas system is a compressor to ensure the continuity of gas supply. Compressor failure or maintenance downtime can have dire consequences.GD Belliss & Morcom understand this basic fact, which is why our compressors are designed for specific compressor applications within the process industry.

Continuous technological advances have created easy to maintain compressors capable of unmanned operation with low noise output. Our compressors are rugged, require minimum maintenance and are, above all, reliable.

Oil-Free Compressors:

  • O² – Feed to Steel Works
  • N² – Metal Atomization
  • H² – For Margarine Production
  • CO² – Gas Transfer
  • N² – Steel De-scaling
  • O² – Wet Air Oxidation (WAO)
  • O² & N² – Gas Boosting from VSA/PSA/Membrane
  • O² & N² – Gas Boosting from Cryogenic Vaporizer

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