C&B’s Jon Dunham Shares All the Perks of The DIP System with PEC

C&B’s Jon Dunham Shares All the Perks of The DIP System with PECOur very own Jon Dunham, Key Account Manager with C&B Equipment, was excited to visit
in Wichita, KS, last Wednesday, March 16th, for a Lunch & Learn event where he delivered training and information on “Ending the Waste In Wastewater Pumping with The DIP System®.”

Jon began sharing the perks of the DIP System with a little bit of history regarding wastewater and wastewater management. He then introduced the Direct Inline Pump system, better known as The DIP System, bringing with him a prototype for PEC’s engineers to examine, as well as the torn remains of a pair of jeans shredded by a DIP System. During the event Jon also discussed:

  • DIP System vs. submersible pump in wet-well
  • Benefits of The DIP System
  • The cost of ownership / Return on Investment

“Sewer lines and centrifugal pumps are notorious for collecting all sorts debris such as wipes, diapers and even thick materials like jeans — all of which clog pumps and need to be physically removed and hauled away, says Dunham. “The DIP System shreds through these materials effortlessly — alleviating the pump clogging problem,” without the need for human intervention.

“This incredible reliability is an undeniable asset as it saves substantial time and dollars for municipalities,” says C&B President, Dennis Noyes. “That’s what we at C&B like to call Uptime Solutioneering™!”

Developed by French innovator, Stephane Dumonceaux, the first DIP System was patented, installed and proven successful in 2003. Since then, more than 1,300 systems have been purchased by municipalities throughout France, including Disneyland Paris, with many more expected to come.

C&B recently sold the region’s first DIP System to the State of Kansas for use in a correctional facility located in Norton, Kan.

For more information about The DIP System, visit www.cbeuptime.com.

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