C&B Equipment Supplies New and Replacement Pumps

C&B Equipment has the experience, the partners and most importantly, the quality equipment you need to get the job done right — every time.

Here are a few of the municipal pump brands and equipment that offer C&B customers their own competitive advantage.

Deep Blue Pumps
C&B Equipment now offers vertical turbine pumps from the vertically integrated manufacturer, Deep Blue Pumps (DBP). In-house, they have their own engineering, foundry, machining, assembly and testing.

Another valuable partner for C&B and our customers, ABBA’s commitment to quality is not only evident in the materials, workmanship, performance and fit of the parts they manufacture, but also in their “can-do” attitude towards customer service and delivery times.

With ABBA parts, we offer complete replacement pumps for many common brands of pumps used in water and wastewater service. Most are direct flange-to-flange replacements, though many are part-for-part replacements. Fairbanks Morse, Smith & Loveless, Aurora, Worthington and Wemco are just a few of the many brands we can repair.

DIP System®Cover-Pic
The direct in-line pumping system, or DIP System®, eliminates lift station corrosion, odors, clogged pumps and the need for wet wells all together. The DIP System® also significantly reduces energy consumptions and can be operated remotely using a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

Zoeller Municipal Pumps and Systems
For submersible wastewater pumps, we offer the Zoeller municipal pumps and systems. Made in the USA, these pumps are widely used in handling sewage and wastewater. Zoeller offers a direct replacement for many of the Flygt submersibles, saving municipalities higher expenses from their already strained budgets. If a grinder pump is required, the Zoeller units provide the broad coverage to fit any application.

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