C&B Equipment Expands Into New Markets With Acquisition of Kansas City-Based Steel Toe Group

C&B EquipmentIn case you haven’t heard, C&B Equipment recently acquired Steel Toe Group (STG), a leading distributor of municipal pumps and mechanical seals, headquartered in Lenexa, Kan.

Adding to C&B’s already extensive line-up of industrial equipment, this new acquisition means offering even more product lines in more markets.

For instance, C&B customers now have access to SEPCO seals, while Olathe customers now have access to C&B’s lines, such as AES seals, Summit and Roper pumps, Yanmar diesel products and Continental engines.

“This acquisition is big step forward for C&B,” says Dennis Noyes, C&B President and CEO. “We’re getting into new, complementary distribution lines — such as municipal wastewater pumps — and acquiring an entirely new set of customers.”
While C&B is recognized as a leader in pumps, compressors, blowers and engines, STG is well established in mechanical seals and the municipal market for its new wastewater pumping system, the Direct In-Line Pump System, or DIP for short.

City sewer lines and pumps are notorious for collecting all sorts of trash and debris such as rags, diapers and even thick materials such as clothing — all of which need to be physically removed and hauled away before they damage the pumps and other sewer systems.

DIP shreds these materials, so they flow through the system. This saves substantial time and dollars for cities. The system also enjoys reductions in dangerous gasses and odors, equipment corrosion, structural erosion, clogged float switches and trash or debris collection.

“This is a very big deal for C&B and Kansas,” said Noyes. “We’ve already witnessed the incredible power of the DIP System in Europe and we’re excited to bring those same great benefits to the United States.”

The two companies will fully retain their teams and facilities, and nothing will change in the servicing of customers. Of course, the STG brand will be replaced with C&B Equipment.

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