5 Industrial Applications for an Air Cooled Diesel Engine

Unlike their liquid-cooled counterparts, which regulate engine temperature by forcing a liquid through a closed-circuit system, air-cooled engines rely on the circulation of air over hot areas of the engine to help regulate the engine’s temperature.

Air-cooled engines are often preferred over liquid-cooled engines for their efficiency, flexibility, dependability, and ease of use.

5 Industrial Applications for an Air Cooled Diesel Engine, C&B Equipment, INC.

C&B Equipment is a proud retailer of Yanmar air-cooled diesel engines. According to Yanmar, “single-cylinder, air-cooled direct injection diesel engines are EPA and CARB exhaust emission compliant and utilize a counter-balancing system for smooth, high-speed operation. Multiple PTO shafts are available along with electric or recoil starting.”

The design of air-cooled diesel engines coupled with their durability makes them the first-choice engine in several applications which we have laid out for you below.

1.  Agriculture

Working in the agricultural industry requires grit and back-breaking determination. Also, industry equipment needs to be lightweight and long-lasting because it is often used in rural locations with limited access to commercial repair and maintenance services.

Most agricultural equipment is used in outdoor applications, which allows air-cooled diesel engines to operate more efficiently.

Typical agricultural applications for air-cooled diesel engines include mowing, excavation and harvesting equipment.

2.  Construction

The construction industry depends on heavy-duty equipment to get the job done and air-cooled diesel engines are often chosen for a variety of applications in this industry.

Diesel tends to be a safer fuel source than natural gas and it’s more readily available at construction sites. Likewise, air-cooled diesel engines are compact and require limited resources, which makes them easy to implement when building new structures with fewer utilities in place

3.  Marine

The marine industry depends on equipment that can perform in critical situations for an extended time with limited resources.

Some examples include navigational buoys, lighthouses and telecommunications equipment.

The simple design of air-cooled diesel engines makes them easy to maintain for long periods. In addition, air-cooled diesel engines are often the choice for outboard marine motor applications for their fuel efficiency and ease of installation.

4.  Emergency Response

Air-cooled diesel engines are critical to the success of emergency response teams working in disaster areas. Other types of engines can become clogged with debris when working in fire, earthquake, avalanche and mudslide situations. It’s essential that engines delivered in emergency response situations generate efficient power with limited resources. Aided by their compact design, air-cooled engines are easy to transport and deploy between disaster events.

5.  Military

When it comes to dependability and efficiency, no industry is more focused on these things than the military.

Air-cooled diesel engines can operate in almost any environment, which streamlines training and maintenance with fewer engine types. Air-cooled diesel engines also don’t require specific coolant parts and equipment, so there’s less probability of critical failure in emergency situations.

Air-cooled engines also have a track record of being reliable in challenging military battle conditions and have quicker warm-up periods than liquid-cooled engines for quick operation timing.

Determine the Proper Air-Cooled Diesel Engine for Your Application

Yanmar produces a variety of L-series air-cooled diesel engines, with customizations for almost any application.

The L-series engine outputs range from 4.2 horsepower at 3,600 RPMs to 10 horsepower at 3,600 RPMs. As an official Yanmar retailer, C&B Equipment specializes in providing Yanmar air-cooled engines and replacement parts.

Learn More About Air-Cooled Diesel Engines

At C&B Equipment, we can help you choose the right air-cooled diesel engine for your needs. When you put the proper engine to work, you can ensure your business is getting the most efficient solution for its money. Contact our Yanmar engine specialist today by clicking below or call 1-800-362-3222 to learn how your business can benefit from a dependable Yanmar air-cooled diesel engine.

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